Victoria Police Practice Tests

We have a classroom based in Melbourne West and believe in personalised coaching for each applicant along with plenty of practice tests based on the ACER Victoria police exam format . Sonny’s CCaT has been training aspiring candidates for many years and has an immaculate success rate. We acknowledge that we all have our strengths and weak areas when it comes to aptitude tests and hence we may all need to focus on different areas. At Sonny’s you will be provided with an assessment to start with and then a study plan is created for you to be able to ace the test. In complete prep packages online access to Sonny’s video tutorials and ACER style Victoria police practice tests is also provided .

We specialise in providing tailored coaching as not all components have a right or wrong answer ,for example in extended writing or summary writing ,where you may find it really hard to self assess and you will need second opinion to show you that you are on the right track in regards to your structure , use of grammar ,punctuation and the correct terminology suited to the targeted audience.

Sample Victoria Police Practice tests included in the 8 session prep package are

5x Verbal Reasoning tests
5x Abstract Reasoning

3x Numeracy Skills

3x Literacy Skills
5x Extended Writing

5x Summary Writing*

10x Oral Skills Practice Videos

Students will have the direct contact number to Sonny to ask any questions even after the sessions and can also refer back to the online tutorial videos on the website at their own convenience.

Sonny’s prep packages are all listed here

How do one on one sessions work ?

Sonny has a classroom based in Melbourne West ( Fraser Rise) where sessions are presented via projected presentations and plenty of homework . Online sessions are also conducted for people who like to attend it at the comfort for being at their home and platforms like Zoom/Skype are used. Screen sharing is also used where you are able to see Sonny’s digital presenations via a digital pen/whiteboard.