FRV Fire Rescue Victoria Test

*Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) Test applicants : Please note that the ACER sample practice booklets are now obsolete and the new Pearson VUE Written selection test will take its place for future recruitment from 2019 December.

Download official FRV sample test format here

At Sonny’s , you will be given abundant practice material to simulate the actual Fire Rescue Test (FRV) Pearson Vue type questions for preparation and then given shortcuts for looking for patterns among numbers , shapes and understand different types of mechanical advantages in a one on one classroom setting. Group sessions are also conducted close to the test dates.

Sonny has an immaculate record of successful applicants and affordable one on one coaching rates. The one on one coaching starts with a simple mock assessment and then the areas that need practice the most are targeted. The mock tests are then attempted together to build familiarity and understanding of the test.

Usually the students book an initial (assessment) session which can be counted towards the whole prep package if they find it useful.

Sessions are conducted in person at the Melbourne West (Sydenham) based classroom with projected illustrations or also via Skype/ZOOM screen sharing

One on One sessions Price list

1st trial session or each additional session $95 per hour
Complete 6 session package ( can be paid in two instalments) $549 ( 6 x 1 hours) includes site access with mock tests)

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Please note that we are not affiliated with Victoria Police, AFP , ADF , MFB / CFA or any other government department /organisations listed anywhere on this website and operate independently as a tutoring and guiding service only.