ADF Aptitude test

Download the ADF sample aptitude test here

For entrance in the Australian Army , Navy or Air force , you will need to sit the ADF aptitude test conducted on the ‘YOU’ session day.

The aptitude test is comprised of word knowledge and analogies, abstract reasoning , general ability , arithmetic and much more. Based on how you score on this test, the positions then currently open at ADF will be unlocked to you. Needless to say that the preparation for the YOU session is the first step towards your aspired career.

At Sonny’s , you will be prepared according to the position you are applying for (General entry , Officer entry, Air force Pilot) . You will start with an assessment so we can establish your current skill level and what areas need to be worked on and a study plan is created. After covering the basics like variables of abstract reasoning , operations of maths, trigonometry, percentages and algebra etc. mock tests are also conducted.

Sessions are mostly conducted One on One either in person or via skype.


One on One sessions usually start with a trial session or a mock assessment (emailed to you prior to the first session) to establish your skill level and then those skills that require attention are worked on.

One hour session $85 ( 1 hour)
One day double session $170 ( 1 x 2 hours)
4 x 1 hr sessions prep
$329 ( 4 x 1 hours)
8 x 1 hr sessions prep
$649 ( includes free
site access of $89)

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